Stevie Wonder recently held down a guest spot, i.e. played harmonica on a track, on Beyoncé‘s hit album, Cowboy Carter.  That project was released on 29 March 2024.

A couple of days later, on 1 April 2024, he presented Beyoncé with an award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.  While doing so, Stevie made all types of incredibly-flattering statements about the Queen B.  And as shown above, they even dressed in the same colors for the occasion.

Taking nothing away from Beyoncé, but at first I felt that the way Stevie gushed over her was a bit over the top.  Beyoncé is one of only seven musicians in history who has won more Grammys than Wonder, and she also has the most overall.  But I would venture to say that Stevie’s works are more revered.

But again, it was her moment, not his.  And I have written a blog post which goes into a bit more detail concerning their recent interactions.

I’ve also noticed that Beyoncé officially paid tribute to Stevie at least once in the recent past.  And as can also be seen above, she gave him a much warmer on-stage reception than Mariah Carey recently did.  So I’m hoping to soon be able to write about Beyonce’s past tribute to Stevie as well.


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