Musiicans who collaborated with Stevie Wonder

Sylvia Moy (1938-2017)

In 1963, while in her mid-20s, Sylvia Moy signed a contract with Motown Records, after she was discovered by Marvin Gaye and one of the label’s behind-the-scenes’ musicians, William Stevenson.  She…

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The Andantes

The Andantes were an R&B trio consisting of Louvain Demps, Jackie Hicks and the late Marlene Barrow (d. 2015).  Although they did release a couple of songs under their own…

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Henry Cosby

Henry R. Cosby (1928-2002) was a behind-the-scenes musician who was heavily involved with Motown during the 1960s, i.e. the label’s formative and arguably signature decade.  The artist he, alongside Sylvia…

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