LeBron James is a professional basketball player who, by the time all is said and done, may go down as the greatest in NBA (i.e. National Basketball Association) history.  LeBron became a professional, as a high school phenom, in 2003 at the age of 18.  As of this writing in early 2024, he is 39 years old, playing in his 21st NBA season and more amazingly remains a perennial all-star and debatably the league’s MVP.

On 30 December 2023, LeBron’s current team, the Los Angeles Lakers, faced off against one of their formidable conference rivals, the Minnesota Timberwolves.  The game ultimately concluded, most simply explained, with James making a three-point shot that the refs rather concluded was only worth two points.  That was a major call because it was a last-second shot, and if it had rightfully been ruled a three, then the game would have likely proceeded into overtime.  But instead, the Timberwolves got away with the win.


When looking at the clip from various sources, it can easily be gleaned that the announcers themselves thought it was a three-point shot (before some of them recanted in agreeing with the refs).  So when it was officially ruled otherwise, LeBron was, as one site put it, incensed:

James also complained about the call after the game.  In doing so he referenced Stevie Wonder in a sarcastic, or one may say slightly-humorous manner.  LeBron did so by noting that even “Stevie Wonder can see” that his foot was behind the three-point line when he took the shot.  But of course, Stevie is blind.  So the point the superstar baller was trying to make was it being self-evident that the refs botched the call.


  • LeBron James has won four NBA championships, two with the Miami Heat (2012 and 2013), one with his hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers (2016) and another with the Los Angeles Lakers (2020).
  • Apparently, LeBron James was not nor will not be fined for criticizing the refereeing of the aforementioned game, even though the NBA, in recent times, has been very punitive towards the likes of players and coaches who condemn refs.


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