I started this project for a couple of reasons.  First is to give Stevie Wonder, one of the greatest musicians of all-time, his flowers while he can still smell them.  Second is hopefully in the name of helping to further preserve his legacy for future generations.  Third is to also make present-day people more aware of his works.

This is meant to be a full-fledged, exhaustive encyclopedia centered on the life and career of Stevie Wonder. That means the goal is not only to do in-depth research on the man himself but also all of his albums, songs, collaborators, close relatives, etc.

This is a massive project, as well as a personal one, meaning it’s going to take a few years, if ever, to complete. Therefore, new pages and information will be uploaded gradually, and I’ll use this homepage to keep readers abreast of the latest developments and updates.

I hope you all enjoy!

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